Location based services include real-time tracking of vehicles and people, fleet management, reporting fuel consumption and speed data as well as other related services.

Internet of Things

Consists of distantly collecting and processing data. The data is collected using various sensors installed in vehicles, construction sites, and other, then it is automatically transmitted to a server to be viewable by authorized persons. Remote monitoring is a subcategory that involves using occupancy sensors.

Domotic and Smarthome

Centralized control of all appliances and equipment. The goal is to increase comfort and lux. Examples: * Switch the light on and off automatically according to the presence of people, * Closing the windows whenever there is a raindrop. * When going on holiday, schedule the opening and closing of shutters and the lights switching...


We develop software and applications to satisfy the needs of our customers.

* Mobile applications for Android, iPhone, Windows, Symbian ...
* Web applications accessible through Internet and/or Intranet
* Desktop applications under Windows and Linux

Consulting & Training

We provide companies with expertise and consulting services in the field of New Technologies of Information and Communication. We also provide training mainly in computer and telecommunication for companies' staff to improve their productivity.

About us

T&T specializes in new information technologies. We are mainly concerned with remotely controlled technologies such as those using Internet, wireless networks, SMS ... etc..

The activity of T&T can be grouped into five main areas :

  1. geolocation and fleet management,
  2. telematics and remote monitoring,
  3. software development,
  4. home automation,
  5. consulting & training.

T&T is based in Safi but we work on all the Moroccan territory. Our mobile representatives are permanently available on the axis Kenitra/Safi/Agadir and can go wherever you are in Morocco. We also work in different countries of northern and central Africa.

T&T relies on a qualified team with pointy specialties to serve its customers effective and efficient solutions . This team is supervised by senior researchers who focus on innovation and product development. To learn more about this team, click here.

Get In Touch

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